Edwin Jeans are a Liquor Store stalwart. Since our inception we’ve stocked a selection hand-picked from brand’s arsenal of premium denim and for good reason; shuttle loom manufactured selvedge fabrics from the land of the rising sun and a long history of innovative practice as a world renowned industry leader. Throughout their history, Edwin have been responsible for developing various techniques that have become commonplace in denim, chief among these the practice of pre-washing denim to replicate the unique detail of an aged and well loved pair of jeans. Present day Edwin is split into two distinct product lines; the products designed for a european market (easily identified by the ED## format in the product name) and the very high-end Made in Japan line. We stock a fairly comprehensive selection of both at a range of price points and in a range of fabrics, so with this in mind we’ve decided to shed some light on how our range works to help you find your perfect pair.


The ED-85 is the slimmest offering from the brand and one of the closest fitting jeans we sell in store. Only available in Edwin’s comfort stretch fabric, the fit comes with a dropped crotch for comfort, a fitted thigh coming down to an extreme taper from the knee to a very tight leg opening resulting in an extremely streamlined silhouette.


Edwin’s take on the contemporary slim fit and one of our best selling jeans in store, the ED-80 is cut close but not quite as close as the 85. With a mid-rise and fitted top block, the leg tapers from the knee to a smart leg opening. We’re able to offer the ED-80 in a number of fabric options across numerous colours and styles, from the hefty 14 ounce red selvedge to the easy to wear comfort stretch. If a slim fit is what you’re after, the ED-80 is your answer.


The ED-55 is a regular tapered fit with a relaxed thigh and a tapered leg. Loose enough to provide a step up in comfort and suit a wide range of varying body shapes but slim enough that the cut is contemporary and easy to wear, slotting perfectly into a wide range of individual styles. The 55 is our best seller in-store, a real swiss army knife of a denim option that works for the vast majority of guys.

Edwin Made in Japan Regular Tapered

In the context of our range, the Made in Japan Regular Tapered fit works as a something of a move-on from the ED-55 for guys looking for a slightly more premium option in the same kind of fit area. Very similar shapes but the MIJ option comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from Edwin’s high end range.


Taking cues from the loose tapered fits that have become more and more popular over recent years in streetwear/workwear circles, the ED-45 is a directional and exaggerated take on the loose top/small leg opening with a pronounced carrot shape that doesn’t hug the leg. The loosest of our Edwin offerings, this jean works really well for those willing to experiment with less conventional silhouttes.

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