The Commonwealth Games - Birmingham 2022

All eyes have recently been on our beloved Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games. Now we’re not daft, we know the rep Birmingham gets - the second city that isn’t allowed to be, we’ve heard every joke you can think of. But we loved seeing our city show why Brummies should be as proud as we are! The Liquor Store team is made up of a few from Birmingham plus a few from further afield and that's what made the atmosphere, both in store and around town even more magical; seeing so many people buzzing about the place they call home. It was a celebration of diversity and without diversity, there’d be no Birmingham!

The Prince of Wales opened the event and of course, none other than the Prince of Darkness returned home to close it! Prince Charles made a speech at the opening ceremony in which he described Birmingham as “a pioneering city which has drawn in and embraced so many”. We couldn’t agree more. It was incredible to see our city’s rich cultural heritage on display and champion the history that might’ve been forgotten. The whole place was electric and it was great to be out and about in town, making the most of it. In fact, we even got out and played some games; if they ever add crown green bowls to the Commonwealth Games, we’ve got a few players prepared! Not that we’d be a patch on the talent showcased over the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to all the athletes that took part but we’d like to give an honourable mention to all the local champions who surged that Birmingham pride even further! 

Athletics at Alexander Stadium

It’s been a fantastic time to be in the city. We absolutely loved playing host and we’re so glad that so many people enjoyed visiting! If you missed out on visiting Birmingham during the games, don’t worry - there’s loads going on this year! The big bull is hanging around for a while, there’s exhibitions left right and centre and Victoria Square is preparing to be transformed for PoliNations celebrations. Check out and to see what's happening soon, and while you’re in town come and say hello! 

In the words of Ozzy himself; BIRMINGHAM FOREVER! 


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