Customer Journey’s: Your Liquor Store Archives


Customer Journey’s: Your Liquor Store Archives

A new series, coming soon.


In Liquor Store’s twelve years a lot has changed, including a move to a new location and opening a secret bar to boot. However, something that has remained steadfast is our customers. Those who have supported us right from the beginning or those that discovered us by chance in the last six months, whether we see you once a year or you swing by every week for a chat.


In our upcoming blog series, ‘Customer Journey’s: Your Liquor Store Archives’, we’re sitting down with friends of the store to take a look at your favourite clothing, footwear and accessories. For us, it’s all about the story, which is why we work with such interesting brands: we love to know what makes a product beyond the fabric composition.


We want to document the pieces you buy from us having a life well lived, even if they’re right at the start of that journey. We’ll be talking styling tips, product details and lots more. To get involved, drop us a DM on Instagram @liquorstoreclothing.


Photo: Friends of the store Don and Paul shot by Universal Works at our 10th birthday event back in 2022.

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