If you’re swapping Birmingham for Barcelona this summer, consider this a holiday packing checklist of everything you’ll need to take; all of your hot holiday essentials! 
We know how stressful packing can be at the best of times, but seeing as it's been a good few years since many of us were able to escape to warmer climates, we thought we’d give you a hand. Here’s Liquor Store’s functional guide to building some great holiday looks while making sure you’ve got all your bases covered.


Now obviously it all boils down to how long you’re off for but we’re gonna go ahead and imagine you’ve got a whole week booked to do as you please. Whether you’ll be lying on the beach and finally getting to read more than a page of your book, taking a wander into town to look around the local markets or, trying to see everything Lonely Planet calls a top attraction; whatever it is you’ve got planned for the day, we’ll make sure you’ve packed for it.



The trick to packing well is making sure you can wear one thing a multitude of ways. We’ll get into the concept of styling your outfits later on but this is easy to do if you’ve got your basics right! So for a week in the sun, with a range of activities on the cards, let’s say you’ll need;

When you’re choosing what to pack for a holiday, you want to make sure every item gives you lots of styling options. They say it’s always easiest to start with what you’ll wear to travel as this makes sure you’re wearing all your heaviest items - keeping your case away from extra charges but also means you’re sorted if the weather isn’t exactly as you’d hoped! If we start with a T-shirt and a heavier but comfy pair of trousers, such as the Gramicci G-Pants, adding a sweatshirt (Uniform Bridge have a great selection), a light jacket and some Karhu’s means you’re looking the part whilst being practical and comfortable too. 

Harj wears the Uniform Bridge M65 Wind Breaker in Ivory, a Uniform Bridge Navy Sports Club Sweatshirt in Melange Grey, Gramicci G-Pants in Tobacco and Karhu Fusion 2.0 trainers in the bright white/vallarta blue colourway



From there you can already begin to see your options for evenings or cooler days. The G-Pants, alongside the trainers, form a great base for a full day of exploring (especially if you add one of the Gramicci Jet Caps). Depending on which colour trouser you’ve gone for, why not pair them with one of Battenwear’s long sleeve pocket T-shirt’s? All made in America, these T-shirts are bright and colourful making them perfect for summer! We think they’d be as at home on the beach as they would in the city; just swap out the Gramicci’s for a pair of Colorful Standard’s Organic Twill Shorts and you’re good to go. We’d probably pop a towel and the sweatshirt we flew in into a tote bag too!

Harj shows the back print of the Aqua blue Battenwear Team Long Sleeve Pocket T-shirt which is an enlarged logo in a navy  Harj styles the Battenwear T-shirt with Navy Colorful Standard Shorts and the same Karhu Fusion 2.0 trainers

If you’re spending a few days to and froing between the city and the sea you’ll need a couple of beach appropriate options. Here at Liquor Store, we’re all pretty big fans of a short sleeve shirt and we’ve got quite a few brands that absolutely hit the nail on the head every summer. Universal Works provided a lot of greats this season but perhaps the most timeless option was the Green Camp Shirt. Worn with the Danton Easy Shorts and Yogi Finn’s in suede you’ve got the dream holiday outfit. Just imagine; shorts on, shoes and shirt off, having a game of catch on the beach, just throw your shirt on and head up for some midday refreshments (bet you can already taste that cold pint can’t you)! 

Harj styles the Universal Works Camp Shirt in green with the Danton Easy Shorts in light grey and Nigel Cabourn x Yogi Finn 2 Shoe Collaboration 


The suede Yogi Finn’s are a dream for warmer days despite what you may be thinking - suede gets a bad rep for only being good in crisp, cold weather but actually it’s super breathable, meaning it’ll keep your feet much cooler than a leather shoe! It’s also a natural lining making it more comfortable and less likely to rub in the heat. For a week you’ll probably need two pairs of shoes (3 max); a trainer for full days of walking and exploring, something slightly smarter but still comfortable for evenings and perhaps a sandal if you’re planning to be in and around the pool all day! 

Harj swaps out the Danton Easy Short for some Folk Assembly Pants in navy blue with the same shirt and shoes as above   The Folk Assembly pants paired with a Striped Shirt from YMC and the Karhu Fusion 2.0 trainers again

When it comes to dinner outfit options you’ve already got some components covered with your short sleeve shirt and suede shoes; maybe swap the shorts for a pair of lightweight trousers such as the Folk Linen Assembly pants. On warmer evenings you could stick with the shorts and shoes but layer a different shirt (we love the YMC Malik) over a short sleeve T-shirt. Then the next day, just replace the T-shirt with a fresh one (this is where the Edwin x Liquor Store Twin Packs come in super handy) and leave your shirt unbuttoned for a more relaxed look ready for another day of exploring!

A close-up look at the logo of the Edwin x Liquor Store 10 year anniversary collaboration t-shirt.

As you can see, once you’ve chosen your key pieces, it becomes easy to see how you can wear them in different ways for different days. Sticking to a colour palette will make your life a lot easier. We went for blues, greens and neutrals as it allowed our shoes, layers and accessories to go with everything!


It might worth noting that our Liquor Store tote bags comply perfectly with most airline regulations for your free carry on luggage, so if you get a bit warm preflight you can easily fold your jumper/jacket up, put it in your bag and pop it under your seat - it's always handy to have while you’re away too! In fact, if one ends up in the pictures you’re undoubtably uploading to Instagram, tag us @liquorstoreclothing for the chance of a shoutout! 


Thanks for reading! Enjoy shopping all the looks mentioned above and more at but most importantly, enjoy your holiday!

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